The Fixin’ List V1

It seems something always needs to be repaired around our house. When we lived in the country things broke.  When we lived in the city things broke.  Doesn’t matter what time of day it is, how busy we are or how much money we have, stuff breaks. Since we don’t have much control over this particular aspect of life in the workshop, we decided to start  posting  the best information we could find on the subject of fixin’ stuff in no particular order. So if we haven’t covered it yet, eventually we probably will.

The Refrigerator

Awesome mancave fridge
Awesome mancave fridge

Since we really like cold beer around here, lets start with the center of any respectable man cave, the refrigerator.  Aka the beer fridge. If you’re like me,  you have a well stocked fridge at the ready for beer-thirty when it comes around each day.  The problem is that usually the beer fridge is the second hand fridge that the workshop inherits from the kitchen remodel!  Most of them have seen better days and now are adorned with stickers and dirty fingerprints with out much thought going into fixin’ em when they break.  As long as the beer is cold that’s generally all that matters right?  Unfortunately our casual attitude about the shop fridge doesn’t fly when our main fridge needs repair.  So what do you do?

This is going to sound a little lame. I find most appliances are kind of a pain to repair myself and in most cases it is easier and sometimes cheaper to have a pro come in because they are so much quicker and better at trouble shooting them since it’s what they do day in and day out.  Now sometimes you get lucky and have an obvious repair like a blown compressor or a easy to spy fried component. Of course if you are wrong, you may have burned 2 hours dis-assembling and trouble shooting. Even if you nail it right away, you still have to order the parts from somewhere and wait for them to show up.  Most repair companies stock common parts on the repair truck. If they don’t have a part with them, they likely will have it in the warehouse.  Now if you have a high-end fridge like a Sub-Zero or a top of the line Whirlpool or LG , you definitely need to call a refrigerator repair company  to deal with it because these units have unique parts and technology that is specialized to the brand.

A few things to consider if you do call a company for a fridge repair job. Make sure they are certified by the manufacturer whos unit you have.  Ask them to give you an estimated arrival time in a 2 hour window. That way you will have time to deal with all of the food or beer in the fridge you want to stay cold. Knowing how much ice you will need or if you will have to make room in the mancave fridge will help you decide if you will be calling buddies over to help you drink the beer before it gets warm or shepherding it off to a cooler for a change of scenery.